Perry Marshall Interview – “Why God Cares About Business”

Thanks to Perry for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat about this all important topic. Be encouraged by his story about the “memo from the head office”, and leave your own story/comments in the section below. I look forward to seeing where the Lord leads planet Perry in the future! Where is […]

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$2,500 & Counting From Article Marketing Challenge

Recently, I came across this very inspiring follow along challenge at the Warrior Forum by my new friend Brittany. Brittany did what few people do. She picked a strategy, and stuck with it. After chatting back and forth, Brittany graciously agreed to provide a guest article for my readers about her journey thus far…It’s nothing […]

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Even Bank Robbers Can Tithe

“Because, even bank robbers can tithe” was probably the most impactful answer to the question “why does God care about business?” that I’ve ever received. As a follow up interview to my session with Perry Marshall about “Why God cares about business”, I interviewed the guy who wrote the book on it…Literally. Jeff Van Duzer […]

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Consulting Challenge Final Update

About 3 weeks ago I began a live follow along challenge to get 5 new consulting clients as if I were someone just starting out as a consultant. After posting just one update, my wife received news that her father had been admitted to the ICU after undergoing emergency surgery on his intestines. 3,000 miles later, […]

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Consulting Challenge Update #1

Last week I began a journey to get what would be my first five consulting clients, just like I would if I were starting from scratch, with no reputation, newsletter subscribers, JV partners, etc…You can read about it at the above link. In my first week, here’s what I did: Sent 75ish emails – I […]

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Personal Challenge: Get 5 New Consulting Clients Part 1

Recently, I was inspired by a follow along challenge over at the Warrior Forum started by user brittlesnc. Her goal: $1,500 using Clickbank and Article Syndication by December 1st, 2013. Today is November 19th, and she’s smashed the goal, already crossing the $2,200 mark and there are still 11 days left before her original goal […]

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Stop Learning For 24 Hours

Jacob Barnett, the young boy in the video below, just blew my mind. His TED talk has nothing to do with the usual stuff I blog about here, but it has everything to do with it at the same time. I literally could NOT stop myself from sharing this with you. He’s a little quirky, […]

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Help Me Help You

Can I take a few seconds of your time to make your experience on my blog a LOT BETTER? I’ve prepared this 10 question survey monkey survey to attempt enhancing your experience. Help me help you! Thanks guys! Also, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below if you need more space […]

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Where Is God at

I make it no secret that I’m a Christian. But without the statement “I love Jesus” on my sidebar, would anyone really know I’m one of His followers by the content I put out? Recently, I did a blog post titled “What Business Are You In? No REALLY?!” Today, my answer has become more clear. […]

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2nd Hand Business Man

To listen to the “2nd hand business man” audio, click the play button: click Here I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this oh so simple business model. If you have questions, contact me, or leave a comment after listening to the entire audio. Below you’ll find a link to the wholesale directory […]

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What Business Are You In? No, Really!

I’m not asking because I want to know. I’m asking because I want to know if YOU know! “internet marketing” doesn’t count.  A few months ago I watched “The Cider House Rules” on Netflix. If you’ve read the book or seen the movie, you know the scene where Mr. Rose asks Toby McGuire’s character, “What […]

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Flipping E-commerce Upside Down

On the below call, Paul Wegrzyn and I chat about retail strategy for his new jewelry line, and explore several hacks for ridding yourself of any work revolving around: SEO PPC Other Traffic Generation Methods Sales Copy Customer Service Or ANY of the “usual junk” If you’re into building traditional e-commerce stores, then this is […]

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“Internet Marketing”: A Byproduct Industry

“IM”, “Making money online”, “WSO’s”, “Clickbank Millions”, and all similar genre’s of discussion make up an industry I’ve been apart of since 2006. If you are apart this world, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a love hate relationship for me, and perhaps you too. We love our industry guru’s, because they supply […]

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Buying Your Way To #1

And it’s still the best deal you’ll find for an investment. Don’t believe me? Check out this analytics screen shot of a page I recently bought a ranking for. UPDATE: The entire process below can be outsourced at The above example is only a few weeks old and it’s well on it’s way to […]

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WhatRunsWhere Interview With Max Teitelbaum

Max Teitelbaum Interview $1 Trial To WhatRunsWhere Big thanks to Max for the interview about my new favorite tool (but more thanks for making it!). I now have a WhatRunsWhere account for both display advertising and mobile advertising with full export capabilities, and CANNOT STOP USING IT. I plan to put together some tutorials soon […]

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WhatRunsWhere – My Review

[EDIT] – This was a post comparing WhatRunsWhere to one of it’s competitors. Now, there are several competitors, so I’ve taken the data away about the competitor I was reviewing and left only the details about WhatRunsWhere. I like it the best out of all the options, and that’s pretty much all you need to […]

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Interview With Ryan Moran – “Getting Started”

What do you really need to make a living as an entrepreneur? I get asked this question all the time. So does my good friend Ryan Moran. So, I thought we’d do a little series about getting started. Ryan agreed (I have proof in the recording!) to come back and talk more about this topic […]

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Operation Solo Ad

  Anthony Tilley Solo Ad Interview Get Operation Solo Ad & My Bonus For $19.95 Here I recently ran a poll in the sidebar here on my blog asking about what money making strategy you would like me to test next, and the winner was “Solo Ad List Building”. In response to this request, the […]

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Selling Infomercial Style – LIVE!

This past weekend I helped out my new friend Mark Garrett with his order processing at a huge convention called the “Home Show” in Virginia Beach. Mark is a Vitamix salesman and consistently kills it at these shows. He’s great at what he does, and when I was asked to step in and fulfill orders […]

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Don’t Take Massive Action Part 2

Several weeks ago I did part one of a post entitled Don’t Take Massive Action. In this post, I’ll pick up my thoughts where that one left off with the question, “what is the RIGHT action for your business NOW?” To be clear, I’m a BIG fan of having lots of irons in the fire. […]

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